Show Car Clear Coat

You should sand down to paint before adding a new coat of clearcoat … the reason we do not offer a clear finish in the Fusion Line. The clear finish will not be any more durable than the Fusion …

PPG EC550 CLEAR COAT Review Jun 01, 2009  · Its been a few years since I have painted and curious what clear coats are typically used on show cars now. I moved and only have a ppg dealer close by now. They are trying to sell me a 2021 clear but the papers say its just a standard oem clear.

If you shoot three coats on using a "good" paint and a "good" gun then do a good job of sanding and polishing it should look as good as applying paint in multiple painting sessions. When we are spraying a high-end show car we will usually apply three good coats of Glasurit high solids clear over our color then sand and polish within 48 hours.

Water white, crystal clear with catalyst, insures accurate color match, amazing sparkle and brilliance. We believe the best results start with a beautiful foundation. A full line of candy base coats. … TO ORDER OUR SHOW CAR CLEAR COAT Call (888) 695-0478. Want your questions answered by a knowledgeable technician? Call our 24 hour show car …

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Show Car Paint: Understanding What Type of Paint the Pros Use. January 27, 2012 … Single-use Polyurethane paints with sealers and base coat with urethane clear coats. … Although you may be eager to apply the first coat of paint, you will not get a show car finish if you don’t sand the vehicle meticulously. tips.

Feb 27, 2015  · When Painting A Car Or Truck, It’s Important To Know What Type Of Clear Coat To Use! or 972-420-1293.

(Clear coat is exactly what the name implies … We’ve assembled several of them below and included a good spray wax as well. If you want the ultimate show-car finish—especially if your vehicle is …

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It’s certainly a hassle when a car gets a big paint-scratch, but smaller scratches in its clear coat are much more common … at the hannover messe trade show in April.