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Traditional long term car rentals with our international suppliers include liability and fire insurance. Traditional long term car rental suppliers typically require upfront disclosure if you are looking to cross international borders and will require additional insurance or restrict renters to specific car categories.

One Way Car Rental Deals One-way car rentals are a great taxi alternative. Whether you’re just landing or ready to leave town, you can pick up your car in one location and drop off at another. Keep the car for up to 12 hours; get a free tank of gas and 150 free miles. You may want to check out

Unlike short and long-term leases, long-term car rentals can be cancelled at anytime. Daily or weekly rates apply, as applicable, to rental increments of less than 30 days. Long-term car rental is ideal for:

Car Rental (hiring of a passenger vehicle for self drive, which includes cars and small vans, by both business and leisure travelers for short term duration; excluding leasing and long term rentals) m…

Earl Stewart on Cars: One Year or Less: Long Term Rental or Short Term Lease? Budget by the Month offers flexible long term car rentals and mini leases with no minimum day requirements. Perfect for extended vacations and business projects. Most Budget locations offer long term car rental. To explore popular destinations near you, you can check out the localization section.

Long Term Car Rental Milwaukee Lying on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is a city of sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and cultural festivals. Downtown parks host weekly cultural events – in fact Milwaukee has earned the title of “City of Festivals.”

We have a wide selection of rental cars plus plenty of additional services and upgrades available with our monthly car rental rates. Having an additional driver is useful for travelers who want to split the driving responsibility during a long term car rental.

It has certainly taken some long-term rentals off the market … "If they really want to snowboard, they’ll either live in th…

Long-term car rentals increased by 17.5 percent y/y in 2018, while sales of new cars exceeded half a million in the same peri…

Find the perfect long-term rental car, truck, SUV, or van while your own car gets shined up like a new penny. Skip the rental counter and book the perfect long-term rental car for your next adventure with Turo, wherever the road takes you.

Get a long term car rental from Avis, start your drive from San Diego’s endless coastline and sunshine, surf along beaches in Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara and revel in the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco. Maui’s Hana Coast.

Best One Way Car Rental Here’s how car … can be one way to save even more money. As an example, Sturgis Kid 1.0 happened to be in the market for a … Rent a Car One-Way. Get more out of your next trip by reserving a one-way car rental. forget about returning your rental car to its original location.

Unlike short and long-term leases, long-term car rentals can be cancelled at anytime. Daily or weekly rates apply, as applicable, to rental increments of less Long-term car rental is ideal for: Going on an extensive trip. Heading to a secondary residence for the summer/winter. Finding an alternative to a…

Save with Sixt's long term rental special rates on monthly rentals. Eliminate the hassle of short term leasing with our fast booking process and no minimum day requirements. What are the advantages of a long term car rental? Benefits for individuals. Simple and fast booking process.

Monthly Car Rentals – Monthly Car Rental Specials from Hertz. Do you need a rental car for more than two months? Do you want an alternative to long term leases? With Hertz’s discounted car rental rates and NO mileage limits or penalties, we can meet all of your transportation needs.