Focus St Sound Symposer Delete

Ford Focus/Fiesta ST: Sound Symposer Because you don’t want induction noise being … many either deactivate it by removing a fuse, or remove it entirely. Not content with the bulkhead-mounted sound …

The Cobb Focus ST features the same under-hood modifications as the CJ Pony Parts Focus, but includes a few other goodies, including the sound symposer delete and a turbo-back exhaust system. The Cobb …

<img src='' alt='Focus ST Steeda sound symposer delete kit 2013-2018 Installation ‘ class=’alignleft’>The cobb sound symposer Delete kit for the 2013+ Ford Focus ST is a quick and easy solution for not only deleting your sound symposer to allow you to truly hear your car but also adds an easily accessible boost source for future modifications.

Buy a Steeda Sound Symposer Delete Kit for your 2013-2018 Focus ST from CJ Pony Parts. This beautifully designed block-off plate allows you to delete the useless factory sound symposer tube from your Focus ST for a cleaner look under the hood.

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